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Attorney Avon Facilitated Exclusive Distribution Deal for Israeli Company with Chinese Partner

In early 2023, an Israeli enterprise identified a pressing need for essential charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the local market. To address this demand, the company decided to import charging stations and accessories from China, aiming to expand its market presence. 

Attorney Avon Facilitated Exclusive Distribution Deal for Israeli Company with Chinese Partner

After multiple successful procurement transactions with a specialized charging facilities company in Anhui, China, the Israeli enterprise was satisfied with the equipment and expressed interest in becoming its exclusive distributor in Israel. To solidify this partnership and invest more resources in building brand recognition, the company sought legal counsel to navigate potential challenges.

Concerned about the possibility of the Chinese supplier revoking exclusive distribution rights or allowing other entrants to exploit the market share, the Israeli enterprise approached the legal team at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office for advice at the beginning of 2023. Following consultations with attorneys Larry Zhou and Avon Zhao, the client entrusted our legal team with the project.

Upon receiving the client's instructions, our lawyers conducted a comprehensive investigation using a questionnaire to understand the background of the business, details of the equipment procurement, and the proposed collaboration model. 

Taking into account the client's responses, our legal team drafted a bilingual agreement focusing on the scope and duration of the agency distribution, product range, pricing fairness, equipment specifications, after-sales service, contract modifications or termination conditions, and breach of contract responsibilities. The goal was to safeguard the client's current and future rights as the exclusive distributor.

After thorough review and necessary amendments by all parties involved, the agreement was successfully finalized. 

Due to certain peculiarities in the client's location, the business agreement was executed using electronic signatures. We provided guidance to the client, facilitating the signing process through online platforms, ensuring a smooth and secure contractual arrangement.



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