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Larry Zhou Assisted Philippine Clients to Set Up a Foreign Owned Enterprise in China

A leading Philippine design consultancy company, seeking to expand its global operations, has successfully established a subsidiary in mainland China with the assistance of legal team led by Senior Partner and Attorney Larry Zhou from Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office.

Philippine Clients to Set Up a Foreign Owned Enterprise in China

Facing unfamiliar local regulations and requirements, the Philippine client turned to Attorney Larry Zhou and his legal team for guidance and support.

Upon receiving the client's request, our attorneys promptly provided professional advice regarding the notarization of documents and the selection of the legal representative for the new subsidiary. Our attorneys also guided the client throughout the preparation of the necessary information, documents, and account setup required for the company's registration.

Furthermore, our attorneys addressed the client's inquiries regarding the company name registration and the scope of business operations, offering essential information and assisting the client in making well-informed decisions.

Ultimately, Attorney Larry's team successfully facilitated the establishment of the Philippine client's subsidiary in mainland China. They remain committed to delivering high-quality legal services to international enterprises.


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