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Larry Zhou Successfully Represented a Myanmar Company to Recovered 300k+ US dollars by Arbitration

Attorney Larry S.C. Zhou Successfully Represented a Myanmar Company in Winning an Arbitration Case and Recovered more than 300,000 US dollars in an Steel Bar Purchase Dispute.

A Myanmar company reached an sales contract with a Shandong steel company, the content of the contract is that the Myanmar company would purchase 8,000 tons of steel bars from the Shandong steel company in a total price of about USD 3 million. The Myanmar company made the advanced payment of about USD 350,000 to the Shandong steel company according to the contract. After the advanced payment was made, the Shandong steel company raised the price for various reasons, changed the payment method and did not guarantee the quantity delivered. The Myanmar company tried to negotiate with the Shandong steel company to solve the problem, but failed.

Therefore, in May 2020, the Myanmar company contacted and entrusted attorney Larry S.C. Zhou from Landing Law Offices China to initiate an arbitration at China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC).

After accepting the client's engagement, Landing lawyers confirmed the facts of the case and the previous communications between the two parties in detail from the client, sorted out and analyzed the case materials. Afterwards, Landing lawyers initiated an arbitration application at the CIETAC, represented the Myanmar company by organizing the arbitration chamber, submitting evidence, participating in the hearings and submitting the attorney's opinion. Finally, the CIETAC issued an arbitration award, which supported the Myanmar company's arbitration request for the full return of the advance payment and compensations for damages.

After that, Landing lawyers filed an enforcement application on behalf of the client. It was hard to enforce due to insufficient assets in the account of the Shandong steel company, because the Shandong steel company received money through offshore affiliated company. Landing lawyers actively followed up the case, skillfully communicated with Shandong steel company, preserved evidence which can prove that the Shandong steel company admitted they had assets, and pressured them on the grounds that they were suspected of refusing to execute the award, and finally achieved an execution settlement and successfully assisted the client to get refund and compensation within 2 months of filing the enforcement application.



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