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Wenjia Zhou

Senior Partner

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense, Capital Market, Finance and Insurance


2015-2018 Master of Law, Fudan University


Wenjia Zhou

Lawyer Wenjia ZHOU has been focusing on the research of major criminal cases all the year round, and has worked for the public prosecution department of Shanghai procuratorial system for 5 years; he has participated in and dealt with dozens of major criminal cases, especially cases in the fields of trading with unpublished information, insider trading, fund-raising fraud, illegally absorbing public deposits, falsely issuing VAT invoices, contract fraud , homicide, etc. Since he became a lawyer, lawyer ZHOU has handled dozens of defense cases including criminal cases, cross criminal and civil cases, economic criminal cases, as well as dozens of criminal compliance cases and criminal prosecution cases. With solid professional knowledge, rich practical experience and strict working attitude, he effectively protects the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, while winning the acclaim of the clients.

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