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What to Do If Your Family Get Arrested
in China

Don’t panic, just read this page!

We understand that it can be frustrating to have your family member detained in China, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do - you still have the opportunity to fight for your family member not to be formally arrested or prosecuted, or to seek an acquittal under China's criminal law system.


The key is to take prompt action, obtain professional advice from Chinese lawyers in the criminal field, develop defense strategies, and submit them to the authorities as soon as possible. As things enter the next stage, getting rid of difficulties becomes increasingly difficult. If your family is detained or arrested in China, here are some suggestions on what you can do or should pay attention to.


Contact Your Embassy

It is important to contact your embassy or consulate as soon as possible. They can provide you with important information and assistance, including in which city your family was detained or restricted in freedom on what charges.


Hire a Chinese Criminal Defense Lawyer

During this period, only lawyers are allowed to meet with your family. Professional criminal defense lawyers will understand the situation of the case and let your family know what rights he has been protected when questioned by Chinese police.


37-Days ‘Golden Period’

The police can detain your family up to 37 days before the prosecutor approves arrest against your family. Some call this a ‘golden period’ for you and your lawyer to argue a case, as it will be difficult to change the game once the prosecutor has approved the arrest. 


Submit Defense Strategy

Even if your family is arrested, there is still an opportunity not to be prosecuted. After the investigation is completed, the police will submit the case materials, including the arguments presented by your lawyer, to the prosecutor for review and consideration of whether to file a lawsuit. Therefore, it is crucial that your lawyer is able to communicate smoothly with your family and establish convincing arguments in writing.


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Seizing the Time is to Strive for Freedom
We will provide action strategies within 12 hours

The 3 Most Important Values of Chinese Criminal Defense Lawyers



Even if detained, the legitimate rights of your family should be protected. Lawyers can protect your family from unfair and illegal treatment. If the case they are involved in meets specific conditions, the lawyer can promptly submit bail applications for your family to the authorities.



Being detained abroad not only limits physical freedom, but also causes great psychological pain. According to Chinese law, detained individuals can only be met by lawyers. A lawyer can bring care from his family to him, and also encourage him to do our best to rescue him.



The lawyer will make every effort to understand what was discovered in the case, what your family did but did not do, and based on favorable evidence combined with Chinese legal provisions, submit a written defense opinion to the police, procuratorate, and even the court, to fight for your family's freedom and justice under Chinese criminal law.



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