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High Cost-Effectiveness Company Establishment Services with Professional Legal Support

As the most open city for foreign trade companies in China, we witness a growing demand for establishing businesses in this dynamic city. To meet the needs of foreign trade company setups, Landing Shenzhen Law Office and HACOS Consultancy join forces to introduce cost-effective company establishment services with legal support to foreign clients.

Recognized as the "World’s Freest Economy" for over a decade, Hong Kong stands as a regional business hub in Asia. Serving as a gateway to China's vast commercial opportunities, Hong Kong, with its unique position as a bridge between the motherland and the world, holds profound significance. According to recent reports by the World Bank, Hong Kong ranks among the top global destinations for ease of doing and starting a business.

Advantages of Setting up a Company in Hong Kong


Profit tax rate as low as 8.25% (less than HK $2 million profit).Enjoying a low and straightforward tax system

Capital Flow

Free from foreign exchange controls, Hong Kong companies enjoy unrestricted inflow and outflow of funds, supporting the seamless movement of major currencies.

Share Capital

No minimum paid-up share capital requirement.

Why choose HACOS to assist you in setting up a company in Hong Kong?

Legally expand your market in Hong Kong

Professional corporate legal consulting

Comprehensive guide to the establishment process

No hidden fees


Our Team can not only provide office rental, business license registration, stamp carving, bank account opening, tax registration, accounting, and tax filing agent, but also provide other related professional services, such as visa application, international logistics, global payment collection solutions, etc.




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With 10 years of experience in serving foreign trade companies, HACOS has become one of the most trusted consulting companies in Guangzhou, successfully helping over 5,000 clients get visas, and more than 3,500 companies from over 120 countries and regions in company registration. HACOS is the company with the most successful cases of work visa services in Guangzhou.

HACOS has an outstanding team of 90+ professional consultants to provide clients with tailor-made solutions for company registration and visa application based on the latest policies, guaranteeing higher success rates and less waiting.

Joining hands with the Industry and Commerce Bureau (Market Supervision Administration/Government Affairs Center), major banks, Commerce Bureau, and Customs Department, HACSO is able to offer competitive service for clients. Additionally, a low customer churn rate, high renewal rate, and over 50% referral rate help to build a good image for HACOS and lay a solid foundation for later development!


  • Step 1: Determine the company name, director and shareholder information, and complete the due diligence information.

  • Step 2: We will arrange for you to submit the application for company registration at the Hong Kong Registry and the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

  • Step 3: Wait for the government to review the registration information, which will take approximately 1-2 working days to complete.

  • Step 4: You will receive a green box containing your registered company documents, articles of incorporation, company seal, and a series of other company originals.

  • Step 5:Open Hong Kong local account, HSBC, East Asia, OCBC Wing Hang, Dah Sing, Hang Seng, Standard Chartered, DBS, Citibank, Bank of China

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