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What We Do Best

We Are Good At What We Do

We have set up a rigorous and efficient system of litigation process management including twenty-one standardized steps and each case will be processed through all of these steps. You can keep tracking of the case process and its development any time, just like tracking your packages. We also accurately control every vital stage of each case to ensure the high quality of our service. We are still striving for designing a more scientific system of litigation process management to achieve a thorough reform of litigation.

We Are Here
​To Assist

International Trade

  • Supplier Validation

  • Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

  • Business Negotiation

  • Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

Dispute resolution

  • Litigation

  • Arbitration

  • Lawyer's Demanding Letter

  • Mediation

  • Criminal Defense  

  • Meeting criminal suspects for detention

  • Advice and counsel for Investigation and Detention

  • Will and Inheritance

  • Child custody and child maintance

  • Marriage


  • Employment Compliance for Foreign Investment Enterprises

  • Labour Dispute Arbitration

  • Lay-off Negotiation

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Purchase

  • Real Estate Sales

  • Real Estate Inheritance

  • Trademark Registration

  • Patent Application

  • IP Lawsuits

Immigration Law

  • Work Permit

  • Visa and Residence Permit

  • Administrative Lawsuits 

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