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Landing Lawyers Successfully Represented an UAE Client to Get Refund from Supplier by Negotiation

Attorney Larry Zhou and Gigi Wu Successfully Represented an UAE Client to Get Refund by Settlement with a Shangdong Company

In this case, our Dubai client purchased steel from a company in Shandong Province China. After the client made payment to the Shandong company, the Shandong company increased the price at random. Therefore, the client proposed to cancel the order and requested a refund from the Shandong company, but the Shandong company refused to communicate with our client and did not refund.

Desperately, the client contacted our lawyers. Our lawyers carefully understand all the facts of the case and review the materials of Shandong company in many ways. After sent the letter of demanding to Shandong company, our lawyers actively followed up this case, repeatedly communicated with Shandong company, by exerting pressure and many other means, and finally prompted Shandong company to agree to refund.

In the subsequent refund process, due to the cumbersome procedures of cross-border remittance, the refund failed several times. By repeatedly communicating with Shandong company, client and bank, our lawyers learned that international remittance to UAE requires the IBN as the account number (different from general account number). Finally, with the active assistance of our lawyers, the client successfully received the refund on the next day after the payment was made by the Shandong company. The client is very satisfied with our lawyer's services and said that this case can be recommended to other clients in the Middle East and India as a successful case of our lawyers.



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