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Abby Successfully Represented an US Client to Recover the Payment by Settlement with a China Company

In this case, an US buyer purchased a shipment of goods from China and hired a logistics company in Guangzhou to transport the goods. After the US buyer paid the freight in US dollars, the receiving bank converted the US dollar funds directly into Hong Kong dollars and deposited them into the account of the Guangzhou logistics company. However, the Guangzhou logistics company did not recognise the freight and informed the US shipper that it would not accept Hong Kong dollars and asked the US shipper to pay the US dollar freight again.

In order to get the goods under the control of the logistics company as soon as possible, the US shipper had to pay the freight again, even though the logistics company's request was very unreasonable. After the goods were shipped, the US shipper asked the carrier to refund the double freight payment, but the Guangzhou logistics company refused to communicate and would not refund.

The double payment was not only a breach of the agreement between the parties, but also a serious violation of the integrity of the transaction. At first, the US shipper still had hope for the Guangzhou logistics company, but the counter-party kept finding excuses to delay. In the end, the US shipper could only hope for Chinese lawyers, and he reached out to our lawyers. Our lawyers did not take the case lightly because of the relatively small amount of money involved, but maintained their usual serious professionalism and attitude, quickly understood the case, reviewed the evidence provided by the US client, and based on this, drafted the lawyer's letter to the Guangzhou company within a week, and sent the lawyer's letter.

After several rounds of patient communication and appropriate pressure, the Guangzhou company finally agreed to reimburse the duplicate shipping costs paid by the US client and pay them in one lump sum. The client was very pleased with the positive, professional and patient attitude of our solicitors in this case and was very grateful for our lawyers' ability to get the money back in one lump sum, thus eliminating his worries.


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