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Abby Wang successfully processed a post-divorce property dispute on behalf of an American client

Attorney Abby Wang and attorney Zhou Shichao of the Shanghai LANDING(Shenzhen) Law Firm have successfully processed a post-divorce property dispute on behalf of an American client.

On March 1, 2022, attorney Abby Wang and attorney Zhou Shichao received a request for legal help from American client Emily (alias) : After divorcing by agreement between Emily and the man, the man has never fulfilled the obligations of the divorce agreement to cooperate with the transfer of the property, return the loan and interest, and the man has been collecting the rent of the house which should be owned by the woman. Even after many negotiation, Emily and the man had failed to reach agreement, and because Emily was settled in Australia, communication between them was difficult, so she entrusted us to handle her post-divorce property dispute in China.

After accepting the client's engagement, we negotiated with the other party in the hope of resolving the dispute through mediation, while understanding Emily's true feelings. We sent a lawyer's letter to the other party and communicated with him by phone several times, but the negotiations eventually failed due to the divergent interests between the two parties.

Subsequently, attorney Abby Wang representing the client filed a court

case to the Huizhou court. Before the formal prosecution, attorney Abby Wang adequately summarized the focal points of the contention existing between the two parties, and focusing on these points, attorney Abby Wang had many conferences with the client Emily to make sufficient preparation for the trial. During the trial, Mr. Wang responded to the defendant's defense in terms of many ways which include but not limited as evidence, law, morality and ethics. Eventually, the Huizhou court issued a verdict and supported the main litigation request of the client. In this case, the lawyers of LANDING have successfully defended the legal rights and interests of the client and also won high praise from the client.



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