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Attorney Abby Wang and Larry Zhou Represented a Lebanese Client to Get Refund by Court Settlement

Landing lawyers Larry Zhou and Abby Wang Successfully Represented a Lebanese Client in Resolving Contract Dispute with a Chinese Businessman by Court Settlement and Get Refund

Our lawyers represented a Lebanese client Mohamad Hussein to deal with a dispute against defendants of Mr. Liu and his mother. After receiving the money from the Lebanese client, Mr. Liu did not transfer it to the account designated by the Lebanese client as agreed. After we filed the civil lawsuit, in the pre-litigation mediation stage, the dispute that occurred ten years ago between the parties was also involved, resulting that the case was complicated.

The judge once gave up mediation for both parties, but through the continuous efforts of our lawyers, our lawyers strived to provide an acceptable mediation plan for both parties while maximizing our client's interests. In the end, the parties successfully signed a settlement agreement. Mr. Liu returned the money to the Lebanese client, and our lawyer applied to the court to dismiss the case under the instructions of the Lebanese client and applied to the court to recover half of the legal fees.

In this case, our lawyers gave full play to their professionalism, serious attitude and patience to persuade the parties, and successfully and efficiently resolved the parties' dispute. The Lebanese client were very satisfied with the services of our lawyers.




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