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Attorney Abby Wang Successfully Represented an Iranian Client to Get Refund from Chinese Supplier

Attorney Larry Zhou and Abby Wang Successfully Represented an Iranian Client to Get Refund by Settlement with a Jiangsu Steel Company

In this case, our Iranian client purchased steel form a company in Jiangsu Province China. After the client paid the advanced payment, the Jiangsu company informed our client that the order price needed to rise due to the increase in steel price. Our client explicitly refused to raise the price and demanded that Jiangsu company terminate the contract and return the advanced payment. However, the Jiangsu company refused to refund or perform the original contract. As a result, our client lost both the payment and the goods.

In desperation, the client contacted our lawyers. Our lawyers, in a responsible manner for this case, understood all the facts of the case, checked the materials and sent a Letter of Demand to the Jiangsu company. At first, the Jiangsu company repiled with a strong attitude and did not agree to refund. After many rounds of patient communication and exerting pressuer of our lawyers, the Jiangsu company finally agreed to refund and promised to pay all at once. Our lawyers drafted a repayment agreement for both parties and urged the other party to pay the money to the payee designated by the client in full at the agreed time. The client expressed great satisfaction with our lawyers’ services and great gratitude to our lawyers for paying back at once.



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