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Attorney Larry Zhou successfully represented an Australian client to get refund through negotiation

Landing lawyers Larry Zhou and Abby Wang represented the Australian client to negotiate with the Jiangsu Company and succeeded in recovering the payments of goods for the client.

In this case, an Australian client ordered a batch of fascia guns from a company in Jiangsu. After receiving the products, the Australian client found that the products provided by the counter-party had serious quality problems, such as easy falling off of the gun head, slow charging of the battery, etc. The products could not meet the original expectations of the Australian client, so they requested a refund from the Jiangsu company. However, Jiangsu Company refused to make refund on the ground that the Australian company failed to provide evidence (i.e. no professional testing report) and was only willing to provide preferential treatment in subsequent orders.

Desperately, the client contacted our lawyers. After carefully reviewing relevant materials provided by our Australian client, our lawyers contacted the Jiangsu company. After fully representing the client's complaint and producing relevant evidentiary materials, the Jiangsu company finally agreed to return all the payment (after deducting fees for abrasive tools) to our Australian client.

During the communication process, we put pressure on the counter-party from multiple perspectives, grasping at various aspects such as the tax evasion in the receiving account of the other party, the warranty period set forth in the contract, and the costs arising for unqualified inspection that shall be borne by the other party, etc. We also expressed to the counter-party that if the dispute couldn't be properly settled, it would not be good for the reputation of the company. At the same time, our lawyers also tried to move the counter-party with emotions. At that time, the Spring Festival of China was approaching. Our lawyers expressed the hope that the disputes could be settled smoothly so that all parties could celebrate the Spring Festival happily. Finally, after the continuous efforts of our lawyers, the counter-party company finally agreed to make the refund to our Australian client, and the product quality dispute has been settled satisfactorily.



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