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Larry Zhou Assisted a Client Successfully Completed Tens of Millions USD Government Purchase Deal

Attorney Larry Zhou’s team of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office assisted a client in Jersey to complete tens of millions of dollars in government procurement.

In March 2020, the client in Jersey came to Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office. The client’s demand was that the lawyer would assist them in drafting a template of procurement contract because they would have a large amount of government procurement projects in the future which needs to be handled by Chinese suppliers.

After accepting the client’s entrustment, the lawyer team of attorney Larry Zhou assisted the client in drafting the Chinese and English version of the sales contract and the template of the international goods sales contract. The client considered that our work is of high quality, and subsequently the client entrusted the entire transaction to us.

Then our client communicated with many suppliers in China. Every time they reached a cooperation intention with a Chinese supplier, we directly communicated with the person in charge of the supplier, negotiated the terms of the contract, determined the final version of the contract, instructed both parties to sign the contract, kept the original contract, and sent the original contract to Jersey for the client.

We have helped the client complete the procurement from 4-5 suppliers, and helped them build a framework agreement so that our client can continue to expand their orders in addition to the framework agreement. With our assistance, this client successfully completed the procurement work without disputes.



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