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Chinese supplier received deposit but raised price and not ship, Landing Lawyers said "NO WAY"

In late 2021, a company from Cyprus purchased steel from a company in Jiangsu China. After the Cyprus company wire the advance payment, the Jiangsu company requested to increase the price and repeatedly delayed the delivery of goods. In desperation, the Cyprus company approached us and engaged us as litigation agents. Attorney Larry Zhou and Avon Zhao from Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office reviewed the case materials, further understood the background, and looked up information with full responsibility. In view of the fact that the Chinese supplier used a shell company and offshore account in the transaction, the risk of execution in this case was relatively high. By digging deeply into the related parties and comparing various of information, Larry Zhou and Avon Zhao eventually locked a company registered in Mainland China actually operated by the supplier. Therefore, they sued two companies together with the shareholders according to Chinese laws, and successfully preserved the assets of the defendants in full.


After the assets were fully preserved, the defendants felt great pressure and then took the initiative to ask for mediation with us. Because of the power of initiative in this case, our attorneys successfully assisted the Cyprus client to reach a mediation agreement with the Chinese supplier.

In this case, the Cyrus company is very satisfied with the positive, professional and patient manner in which our attorneys have acted.


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