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Foreigners Successfully Secure Chinese Divorce Judgment with Legal Help by Attorneys Larry and Avon

Two foreigners originally married in Canada and later settled in China. However, due to irreconcilable differences, they sought a divorce. They approached our legal team with the challenge of obtaining a divorce judgment from a Chinese court as proof of their divorce.

Upon taking on their case, our Lawyers Larry Zhou and Avon Zhao, conducted a thorough assessment of their marital situation, gathered necessary documentation, and guided the two clients through the notarization of authorization materials and their marriage certificate. After these preparations, we attempted to file the case in court, only to face initial rejection due to both parties being foreigners and the marriage being registered abroad.

To address this, our legal team meticulously researched relevant legal precedents and similar cases adjudicated by Chinese courts. We also assisted the clients in compiling evidence of their residence and employment in China for over a year, including employment contracts, social security records, and visa documentation.

With these materials in hand, we resubmitted the case to the court, providing comprehensive explanations. Eventually, the court accepted the case.

Throughout the court proceedings, our lawyers maintained open communications with the court, expediting mediation proceedings and guiding the clients through negotiations presided over by a court judge.

Following mediation, we continued dialogue with the court judge. As a result, the court judge agreed to issue a civil divorce judgment, meeting the clients' requirements for a divorce certificate rather than a civil mediation letter. Consequently, our clients successfully obtained a Chinese court-issued divorce judgment, greatly satisfying their legal needs and expectations.



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