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Goods Being Withheld Half a Year, Larry Assisted French Buyer to Get Goods Back from China Factory

In May 2022, a French Client bought glass bottles from a factory in southern China. After the French Client paid the full price for the goods, the Chinese factory found various reasons to delay the delivery for half a year. In desperation, the French Client reached out to Larry Zhou and Maggie Tang, lawyers from Landing (Shenzhen) Law Offices, for help.

After receiving the French Client's consultation, lawyer Larry Zhou and Maggie Tang actively contacted the Client within 24 hours, held an online meeting with the Client and quickly grasped the basic situation of the case.

According to the Client, he had a local dispute with a company in France, and both parties commissioned the same Chinese factory to produce the products. After the Client made payment, the Chinese factory was delayed in shipping and the Client learned that its opponent had not made payment and feared that the Chinese factory would take advantage of the situation to withhold its products.

After several rounds of communication, the French Client reckoned our lawyers to be very professional and decided to engage our lawyers. After accepting the case, our lawyers immediately carried out the work of investigating the Chinese factory, gathering information, etc., while guiding the Client to improve the evidence, and sent a lawyer's letter to the factory. On the day the lawyer's letter was received by the Chinese factory, our lawyer immediately called the person in charge of the factory to understand the reason for the non-delivery, and quickly reported to the Client.

Due to the good attitude of the factory, the possibility of the two parties reaching mediation is greater, so our lawyer made a quick decision and chose to continue to negotiate and communicate with the factory.

Finally, after several months of follow-up by our lawyers and repeated communication with both the Client and the Chinese factory, the French Client finally received the goods. Although the goods were detained by the factory for several months, the dispute was resolved smoothly without litigation, saving time and money, so the French Client was very satisfied with the legal services provided by Larry Zhou and Maggie Tang.



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