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How to Find Professional English-Speaking Chinese Lawyers?

If you have investments in China, do business with Chinese counterparts, or have job in China, you may need to deal with Chinese lawyers from time to time. As of March 2018, China had approximately 30,000 law firms, 365,000 lawyers, and 200 representative offices of foreign law firms. However, only a few can deliver bilingual, professional, and affordable legal services. Consequently, it is essential to know how to locate the right English-speaking Chinese lawyers.


Professional English-Speaking Chinese Lawyers

Here are three effective tips:

Tip 1: Look for Chinese Lawyers Directly, Not Through Middlemen


Foreign lawyers are generally not allowed to practice PRC laws in China. Therefore, for PRC legal issues, foreign law firms have to work with or refer to PRC lawyers, which means additional expenses. Finding a PRC lawyer directly will help you avoid unnecessary costs.


Tip 2: Seek Chinese Lawyers Who Speak English and Have Experience and Capacity Providing Service to Foreign Clients


Generally speaking, large multinational law firms (both China-based and foreign-based) often have excellent skills and good management, however they charge relatively high hourly rates. Many local law firms in China lack foreign language skills and experience in serving foreign clients. Therefore, it would be better that to look for Chinese lawyers with strong foreign language abilities, foreign backgrounds, project management experience, and customer service skills.


Tip 3: Choose English Speaking Chinese Lawyers from Law Firms with Certain Scale, have Insights for Your Concern and Clear Service Agreement

  •  Look for Law Firms with Scale: While scale does not always determine the quality of service, larger law firms generally have professionals specializing in various practice areas.

  •  Choose Lawyers Who Have Insights for Your Project: During initial free consultations, assess whether the lawyer understands your project and can provide reasonable solutions.

  •  Engage Lawyers Officially: Ensure the law firm offers a clear engagement letter detailing who will do what, when, and for how much.




Finding professional English-speaking Chinese lawyers requires careful consideration of their language skills, experience with foreign clients, and the scale of their law firms. By following these tips, you can find a lawyer who meets your expectations and can effectively handle your legal matters in China.




This guide helps you find professional English-speaking Chinese lawyers by providing tips on seeking lawyers directly, choosing those with relevant experience, and ensuring clear service agreements. Opt for established law firms and verify their expertise and fee transparency.



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