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Landing Lawyer Larry Zhou Successfully Represented a Trading Company to Recover 200k+USD Commission

A Hong Kong trading company and a factory located in Guangdong province (the “Guangdong factory”) signed a commission agreement, the content of the contract is that the Hong Kong trading company would introduce South American buyers to the Guangdong factory, assist the Guangdong factory to participate in the bidding and complete the transaction with the South American buyer. With the assistance of the Hong Kong company, the Guangdong factory successfully sold three batches of goods to the South American buyer and received payment for the goods.

However, after the transaction was completed, the Guangdong factory refused to pay the commission to the Hong Kong company. Therefore, in May 2021, the Hong Kong company contacted and entrusted attorney Larry S.C. Zhou and attorney Abby Wang from Landing (Shenzhen) Law Offices to file a litigation against the Guangdong factory.

In the pre-trial preparation stage of litigation, in order to prove the Guangdong factory had completed the transaction with the South American buyer with the assistance of the Hong Kong company, Landing Lawyers went to several places to collect evidences. For example, in order to prove that the Guangdong factory had received the payment from the South American buyer, Landing Lawyers went to the bank to collect bank slips. And in order to prove that the Guangdong factory had deliver goods to the South American buyer, Landing Lawyers went to the airport and customs to collect customs declaration documents.

Moreover, Landing Lawyers successfully searched and collected many property information of the Guangdong factory and its representative, including their bank accounts, real estate, equity shares etc., and successfully frozen the above-mentioned properties by applying to the court.

Because many properties of Guangdong factory and its representative have been frozen by the court, under the pressure of Landing Lawyers and the persuasion of the judge, the Guangdong factory finally agreed to solve this case through mediation, signed a mediation agreement in the witness of the judge, and promised to pay the Hong Kong company more than 200,000 US dollars as commission.

After signing the mediation agreement, the Guangdong factory paid the intermediary service fee to the Hong Kong company in time, Landing Lawyers successfully and efficiently settled this dispute, and the Hong Kong company was very satisfied with Landing Lawyers‘ service.



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