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Larry Advised a Czech Company on the Procurement of Medical Products from a Chinese Supplier

During the epidemic, a Czech client contacted the team led by the senior partner and lawyer Larry Zhou at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Offices. The client's need for the lawyers to provide professional legal services to assist in the smooth procurement of medical supplies from China.

After accepting the client's assignment, Larry Zhou's team assisted the client in verifying the supplier and informing the client that the supplier was operating normally and that there were no significant risks.

At the same time, our lawyers also assisted the client in drafting a full procurement agreement. Due to the exceptional circumstances, the agreement specifically stated that the medical supplies to be purchased by the client had to meet EU quality standards and have the appropriate certificates. The agreement also set out the supplier's liability if the products did not meet the agreed standards and certificates.

With the assistance of our lawyers, the client successfully completed the procurement process and was satisfied with the services provided by the lawyers.



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