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Larry Advised a US Company on the Procurement of Trailers for Camping from a Chinese Supplier

Recently a US company planned to procure camping trailers from China. Due to their lack of familiarity with the suppliers, they sought the assistance of the legal team led by Lawyer Larry Zhou at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Offices to ensure a smooth transaction. The client's request was for the lawyers to provide professional legal services, assisting them in successfully signing an agreement with a supplier in Shandong, China, and completing the procurement of the goods.

After accepting the client's commission, Lawyer Larry Zhou's team quickly and comprehensively grasped the entire background of the transaction. In order to safeguard the client's interests, they drafted a procurement agreement that covered various aspects such as due diligence, seller's commitments and required documentation, quality requirements, delivery time, breach of contract liability, and dispute resolution, in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations. This agreement aimed to protect the buyer's interests to the greatest extent possible.

Furthermore, Lawyer Larry Zhou assisted the client in conducting multiple rounds of negotiations with the supplier to clarify the procurement details.

Ultimately, both parties reached a consensus and successfully signed the contract. As a result, the client completed the procurement work and expressed great satisfaction with the legal services provided by Lawyer Larry Zhou's legal team.


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