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Larry Advised an Australian Sports Goods Company on Operation and Cooperation with Supplier in China

Attorney Larry Zhou's team at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Offices China was instructed by an Australian client to assist in the establishment of a Sino-foreign joint venture company, drafting Sino-foreign joint venture agreements, improving supplier agreements and conducting Sino-foreign joint venture negotiations.

After being instructed by the Australian client, Larry's team conducted an in-depth understanding and analysis of the client's operations in China and assisted the client in a range of foreign investment matters, including drafting Sino-foreign joint venture related contracts, assisting in the establishment of Sino-foreign joint venture companies and conducting Sino-foreign joint venture negotiations.

The legal team also assisted the client in improving the content of its supplier agreements, including clarifying product quality specifications and liability for breach of contract, and proposing dispute resolution methods more appropriate to the client's specific situation.

Through this series of services, the team helped the client company to operate better in China and to work with more suppliers.


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