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Larry Assisted Australian Client Recover Payments from Shandong Supplier and Individual Seller

Case Background

In 2018 and 2020, our Australian client made purchases from two different entities: an individual seller and a Shandong-based company in China. However, in 2019, after making payment to the individual seller, our client lost all contact with him, and no goods were ever shipped. In 2021, a similar situation arose when our client made payment to the Shandong-based company. Despite multiple attempts to communicate, the company refused both shipment and a refund.

Our Legal Actions

Faced with these challenges, our Australian client sought the assistance of the legal team at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office, led by Senior Partner Larry Zhou. Upon receiving the client's mandate, our legal team immediately initiated investigations into the suppliers involved and began collecting essential documentation. Simultaneously, we guided the client in organizing and enhancing their evidence. Formal demanding letters were sent to both the Shandong-based company and the individual seller.

Upon receipt of our letters of demanding, our team promptly reached out to the responsible person at the Shandong-based company and the individual seller. We sought to understand the reasons behind the company's failure to deliver and the individual seller's disappearance. This information was swiftly conveyed to our client. Encouraged by the cooperative attitudes of both parties, we determined that there was a substantial possibility for an amicable resolution. Thus, we made the decisive choice to continue negotiations and communication.


Over several months, our legal team diligently followed up with all parties involved, engaging in repeated dialogues with the client, the Shandong-based company, and the individual seller. In the end, our Australian client successfully received a full refund. Despite the Shandong-based company's two-year delay in shipment and the individual seller's disappearance for three years, the dispute was resolved amicably, saving valuable time and costs. Our Australian client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the legal services provided by the legal team led by Attorney Larry Zhou.

Client Feedback

Our client's positive outcome in this case showcases the effectiveness of our legal services in navigating complex international disputes. Without resorting to litigation, our client achieved a satisfactory resolution, highlighting the expertise and negotiation skills of the Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office.

For any similar legal needs, please feel free to contact us. We remain committed to delivering high-quality legal services and assisting clients in resolving intricate international matters.



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