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Larry Successfully Represented an American-Invested Company in GZ to Resolve a Labor Dispute

Our client is an American-Invested company in Guangzhou. The client was unfamiliar with Chinese labor laws and regulations, and because of the previous epidemic, the company did not sign a written labor contract with the Chinese employee in a timely manner, and owed the employee's wages. As a result, the employee filed a labor arbitration with the Guangzhou Labor Personnel Arbitration Commission, demanding our client to pay wages and compensation.

The client contacted our attorneys immediately after receiving the notice of the hearing from the Labor Arbitration Commission. Our attorneys reviewed all the documents submitted by the employee in the arbitration application, actively understood the background of the case, repeatedly communicated with the arbitrator, the worker, and the worker's attorney, and took the initiative to propose a solution, indicating to the worker that the company was willing to settle the dispute amicably.

Finally, with the active communication and negotiation of our lawyers, the worker agreed to the settlement plan proposed by the company, accepting a lower amount than the arbitration application and settling the dispute amicably.

After receiving the compensation payment, the worker withdrew the arbitration case. Our client was very satisfied with the outcome of the mediation and our attorneys won the praise of our client.



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