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Larry Successfully Recovered over $1 million Commission for a Foreign Client from Chinese company

In early 2022, a foreign company introduced business opportunities in Africa to a Chinese company. After the foreign company successfully assisted the Chinese company in obtaining a quite large order for millions of dollars, the Chinese company repeatedly delayed the payment of commissions, and in desperation, the foreign company approached our lawyer for assistance.

After accepting the case, attorney Larry Zhou and his team from Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office reviewed the case materials, further understood the background and looked up relevant provisions and regulations, guided the foreign company to collect and sort out evidence, sent a Letter of Demand to the Chinese company, and contacted the person in charge of the Chinese company for negotiation. Larry Zhou also assisted the foreign company in drafting required legal documents and preparing other feasible solutions for dispute resolution.

Finally, with the assistance of Larry Zhou and the team, the foreign company successfully reached a settlement with the Chinese company, and smoothly received over $1 million of commission paid by the Chinese company according to the settlement agreement. The transnational dispute was successfully resolved. The foreign company is very satisfied with the positive, professional and patient work shown by our attorneys have acted.


Lawyer Larry Zhou


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