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Larry Zhou Assisted an US Kitchen Ware Brand to Enter into Manufacturing Contract with its Supplier

In May 2022, attorney Larry Zhou’s team of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office was engaged by an American kitchen ware company to provide legal service of reviewing and revising the contract for the client’s manufacturing and procurement project with the Hong Kong supplier.

After accepting the American client’s engagement, Larry Zhou’s team gave a comprehensive understanding of the background and content of the project. On the basis of the client’s needs and in the best interest of the client, Larry Zhou supplemented and improved the terms and conditions of ensuring the American client’s rights and interest. The terms and conditions were inclusive of the approach and process of confirming the specification and quality standard of the products, the supplier’s liability for delay in delivery and delivery of non-conforming products, the client’s liability limitation, the dispute resolution clause, etc. Regarding the details of the contract and project, Larry Zhou’s team communicated with the American client for several times, provided the client with advice on the basis of fully understanding of the client’s needs and made the contract maximized the protection of the American client’s rights and interest.

Finally, with the assistance of Larry Zhou’s team, the American Client and the supplier successfully signed the manufacturing contract and started their smooth and fruitful cooperation.



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