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Larry Zhou Successfully Represented a Trading Company to Get Compensation by Settlement in Court

Attorney Larry Zhou and Attorney Abby Wang Successfully Represented a Hong Kong Trading Company to Resolve a Sales Contract Lawsuit against a Chinese Factory by Settlement and Assisted Client to Get Compensation.

A Hong Kong company purchased solar panels from an Anhui Company and clearly agreed on the power range of the panels in the contract. However, almost all the solar panels delivered by Anhui company did not reach the power range agreed in the contract. The Hong Kong company purchased this batch of solar panels for the purpose of selling to an African buyers. After receiving this batch of goods, the African buyer tested the goods and found that the power of the solar panels was unqualified. Due to the poor quality, the African buyer could not use these solar panels or sell them to other buyers, resulting in huge losses. The African buyer had to claim compensation from the Hong Kong company. Therefore, the Hong Kong company contacted and entrusted attorney Larry S.C. Zhou and attorney Abby Wang from Landing Shenzhen Law Office to file a litigation against Anhui company.

After accepting the engagement of the Hong Kong company, Landing Lawyers sorted out and prepared a large number of case evidence and documents, and predicted the rebuttal reasons that the Anhui company might put forward, making full preparations for the court trial.

In the trial, Anhui company claimed that the solar panels in this case was not produced by them, and did not recognize the solar panels test report submitted by the Hong Kong company. Landing Lawyers refuted that the testing process had complete records, and the number and type of solar panels used for testing were consistent with those of other panels delivered by Anhui company. In addition, Landing Lawyers submitted to the judge the reference case report proving that the testing center was recognized as qualified by other courts, which proved to the judge that the test report submitted by the Hong Kong company was legal and credible.

Because of the full preparation of Landing Lawyers and the effective refutation of the opinions of Anhui company, the judge believed that the claim request of Hong Kong company had a relatively sufficient basis. Finally, with the intention of resolving this dispute as soon as possible, Hong Kong company reached a mediation with Anhui Company in the court, and within seven days after the court issued the mediation letter, Anhui company paid hundreds of thousands RMB of compensation to the Hong Kong company, and this dispute was effectively and smoothly resolved with the efforts of Landing Lawyers.



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