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Lawyer Larry Facilitated Canadian Client's Smooth Business Deal with Chinese Company

In 2023, a Canadian company (hereinafter referred to as the "client") planned to import electric bicycles from China. However, due to operational errors, the client mistakenly made payment to another Shenzhen company they had previously worked with in other transactions, instead of paying the supplier in this transaction.

The Shenzhen company acknowledged that they have received the payment from the client, but informed the client that due to their account being frozen, it was unable to refund the payment to the client, but they told the client that they were willing to offset the payment through deliver electric bicycles to the client. The Shenzhen company proposed to treat the received payment as a deposit and requested the client to pay an additional final payment before shipment.

Handshake Represented Smooth Business Deal with Chinese Company

The client thought there was a risk and approached the legal team of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office, led by Senior Partner Larry Zhou (hereinafter referred to as the "team"). The client requested the tam to provide professional legal services in negotiating contract terms with the Shenzhen company, drafting procurement contract, and completing the transaction of purchasing goods.

Upon receiving the client's mandate, Attorney Larry and his legal team first had a detailed understanding of the background of the entire transaction and verified whether the Shenzhen company was legally existing and had good credit. Attorney Larry led his legal team to negotiate transaction terms with the Shenzhen company, including payment term, delivery deadline, quality requirements for goods, testing terms, etc. Based on the negotiation results, the team provided feedback to the client, provided explanations and analysis for the client, and coordinated and confirmed with the Shenzhen company based on the client's opinions. Based on the final consensus of both parties, the team drafted and finalized the procurement contract to maximize the protection of the client's interests.

In the end, the Canadian client successfully signed the contract with the Shenzhen company, completed the inspection of the goods and the final payment, and successfully received the goods. The client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the legal services provided by Attorney Larry and his team.


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