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Lawyer Larry Facilitated Senegalese Company's Smooth Business Deal with Chinese Company

In 2023, a Senegalese company planned to import equipment for animal feed production lines from China. To ensure a smooth transaction and mitigate risks in international trade, the Senegalese client engaged the legal team led by Senior Partner and Attorney Larry Zhou of the Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office. The client hoped that Chinese lawyers can provide them with professional legal services in China, assist in conducting due diligence on potential suppliers, help select the most suitable supplier, negotiate and draft the business agreements, and complete the purchase of the goods.

Lawyer Larry Facilitated Senegalese Company's Smooth Business Deal with Chinese Company

Under the client's engagement, Larry and his legal team first assessed the client's procurement requirements and the background of the entire transaction. Then our attorneys conducted due diligence on the basic information and qualifications of the two prospective suppliers through online research and interviews. After considering factors such as product quotation and the financial strength of the two suppliers, the client ultimately chose one supplier for cooperation.

Considering the client's needs and their own circumstances while ensuring the protection of the client's interests, Larry Zhou led the team in drafting the procurement agreement. This agreement covered various aspects, including consistency between signing parties and payment recipients, seller commitments, required documentation, product quality requirements, delivery times, breach of contract responsibilities, dispute resolution, and compliance with Chinese legal regulations.

In the end, the Senegalese company and the Chinese supplier reached a consensus on the terms of the agreement through multiple rounds of negotiations, successfully signed the contract, and completed the procurement. Furthermore, Larry Zhou's team assisted the client in seeking SGS for product quality testing and monitoring.

The client was highly satisfied with the legal services provided by Lawyer Larry Zhou and his legal team.


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