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Lawyer Larry Secured Win for Lebanese Company in International Goods Contract Dispute in China

Attorney Larry of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office was retained by a prominent Lebanese corporation to diligently advocate on their behalf in a pivotal international first-instance litigation involving a goods sales contract dispute with a Xiamen-based entity in China.

 黎巴嫩 Lebanon

In this complex case, the opposing party had received substantial payment from our client but deliberately defaulted on delivering the contracted goods, cloaking their actions in a veil of pretextual explanations.

Throughout the rigorous litigation process, the opposing party even attempted to unjustly shift liability onto our client. With unwavering resolve, our adept attorney expeditiously marshaled a comprehensive and lucid evidentiary trail, concurrently pursuing freezing order to avert additional vulnerabilities. In the courtroom arena, our attorney adeptly dismantled the opposing party's irrational assertions, leaving no room for doubt. Ultimately, the presiding judiciary sided resolutely with our primary pleas.

Post-verdict, our esteemed client received the due reimbursement and voiced profound contentment with the exceptional legal acumen demonstrated by Attorney Larry.

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