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Larry Zhou Assisted a Client to Obtain BL by Negotiaiton, Getting $1 Million Products Released

Lawyer Larry Zhou successfully assisted a South American client to reach a mediation agreement with the Chinese supplier and obtain the bill of lading exceeding one million dollars.

In international trade, because of disputes between buyers and suppliers, the goods have arrived at the port, but the supplier refused to release the bill of lading. This stalemate may cause heavy losses, how to resolve it?

In early 2021, lawyer Larry Zhou and his team at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office accepted a South American company's engagement to deal with its dispute with a Chinese supplier on the release of the bill of lading. The client purchased a batch of goods worth more than one million USD from the Chinese supplier. When the client found us, the goods had arrived at the South American port, and the client had also paid all balance for the goods. Because of some disputes between the client and the Chinese supplier, the Chinese supplier refused to provide the South American company with the bill of lading. In this way, the South American company could not pick up the goods. The goods will incur additional costs every day, and the delay in picking up the goods will cause the South American company to default to their customers, lose a large number of orders, and may be liable for breach of contract. The situation is very urgent.

Based on this situation, the client entrusted Lawyer Larry Zhou, hoping to negotiate with the Chinese supplier to resolve the dispute. After accepting the engagement, we communicated with the other party many times by the means of seeking the CCPIT coordination method and directly negotiating with the Chinese supplier, as well as exerting pressure on them. Finally, we assisted the client to reach a mediation agreement with the other party on the release of the bill of lading. The client successfully obtained more than one million dollars’ goods and avoided more losses. Lawyer Larry Zhou successfully helped the client resolve this dispute.

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