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Lawyers Larry and Abby Represented US Company Won 2rd Trial in International Goods Sales Dispute

After the first instance, lawyers Larry Zhou and Abby Wang of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office continued being entrusted by an American enterprise against a company in Zhengzhou China and its two shareholders in a contract of international goods sales.

In this case, since the Chinese vendor used a bank account of another company to receive the payments, the opposing party kept arguing that they were not the seller of the sales contract. In addition, they stood that it was our client’s fault resulting in the failure of delivery.

Therefore, lawyers Larry Zhou and Abby Wang searched for a large number of law terms and cases. They prepared sufficiently for the trial with the legal documents with hundreds of pages. In the trial, our lawyers submitted a series of materials to point out the weakness of their evidence and prove that the Chinese vendory was the only one seller of the contract.

As for the argument they held that our client led to the failure of delivery, our lawyers collected a series of evidence from their freight forward and driver, with elaborate statements, demonstrating the reasons of delivery failure for every time to the judges, including that the seller unilaterally changed the trade term, the seller had not prepared the goods for shipment, the seller did not fulfill the package duty, etc. In the end, the judges supported our claims and arguments.

Shortly after the trial, the court delivered a judgment and upheld the judgment of the first instance, which supported basically all of the claims of our client. In addition, our lawyers actively contacted the enforcement judge to allow the court to successfully deduct the opposing party's money and compensate our client.

In this regard, our client is very satisfied with the legal services provided by our lawyers.


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