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Linda Advised an Israel Client on Commission Agreement with a Chinese Company


In June 2023, an Israeli client planned to cooperate with a Chinese chemical company and recommend potential clients to purchase chemical products. In order to protect his own rights, the client sought the assistance of the legal team led by Lawyer Larry Zhou at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Offices .The client's request was for the lawyer to provide professional legal services and draft a commission agreement, assisting him to successfully sign an agreement with a Chinese chemical company and carry out recommendation work.

Since the needs of this client are very eager, it is necessary to complete the above work within 3 days. After accepting the client's engagement, Lawyer Linda Wu quickly learned about the transaction background from the Israeli client. Lawyer Linda Wu drafted the commission agreement for the client, from the aspects of signed entities, cooperation model, exclusive agency, commission settlement, payment terms, cooperation area, cooperation period and liability for breach, etc., based on Chinese laws and regulations. This commission agreement aimed to protect the interest of Israeli client as introducer.

In addition, Lawyer Linda Wu assisted the client in several rounds of negotiations with a Chinese chemical company to clarify the cooperation details. Ultimately, both parties reached a consensus and successfully signed the agreement. The client expressed great satisfaction with the legal services provided by Lawyer Linda Wu.


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