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Within One Month, Larry Successfully Represented Indian Buyer Smoothly Get Goods Withheld by Seller

In October 2022, an Indian company purchased goods from a Chinese supplier through an Australian intermediary. After the Indian company paid the payments to the Australian company, the Chinese supplier shipped the goods to the Indian port, but suddenly the Australian company disappeared with all the payments. Since some payments are outstanding, the Chinese supplier proposed that, only after the buyer directly paid the high amount of goods to the seller again, will they issue the bill of lading. Pressed for time, in desperation, the Indian company approached our senior partner and lawyer Larry Zhou and his legal team of Landing Law (Shenzhen) Office for assistance.

Indian port

After accepting the engagement, Lawyer Larry Zhou and Associate Maggie Tang, in the attitude of being responsible for the case, immediately investigated on the Chinese supplier and carried out the information collection, guided the Indian company to sort out and provide evidence. Our lawyers completed the draft of lawyer’s letter within one day and mailed the letter of demand to the Chinese supplier. Upon the Chinese supplier received the letter of demand, lawyer Larry Zhou called the responsible person of the Chinese supplier for communications and negotiation several times.

Finally, after the efforts and repeated communications of Lawyer Larry Zhou and Associate Maggie Tang, the Indian buyer and the Chinese seller successfully reached settlement and signed an agreement under our lawyers’ assistance. In less than a month, the Indian company successfully obtained the goods that were detained in the port, reduced the dispute into nothing, saved the costs of potential lawsuit or arbitration, and protected the buyer’s reputation.

The speedy resolution of this international sale of goods dispute is inseparable from the serious work and rich experience of Lawyer Larry Zhou and Associate Maggie Tang. The Indian client is very satisfied with Landing Lawyers' positive, professional and patient work.

Maggie Tang is an Associate in Landing's International Investment and Trade Department. She is qualified to practise law and holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Civil and Commercial Law from East China University of Political Science and Law. She specializes in foreign-related legal services including import and export trade, cross-border dispute resolution. She can work in fluent English and Chinese.


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