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Attorney Abby Represent a British School Deal With Reputation Damage Dispute and Reached Settlement

A Chinese parent selected out a guardianship company to guard her child during her child’s studying life in the UK on the recommendation of study abroad agency. However, the child hasn’t been taken a good care of as promised, which led the parent to make a wrong assumption unilaterally that the teacher of the private middle school the child is studying in the UK(our client) has money relations with the staff of the guardianship company. Out of anger, the parent spread the untrue words on our client such as “school’s dark industrial chain” and “the teacher threatened parents”, and repeatedly harassed our client and our client's partners by phone. In desperation, the British school approached Attorney Abby Wang from Landing(Shenzhen) Law Office for help.

After accepting the engagement, Landing Lawyers got to work immediately, communicated with the person in charge of our client to understand real situation and whole story of the case, and assisted our client in collecting a large amount of evidence beneficial to our client, and saved all evidence for further reference. Landing Lawyers fully understood the situation through communication with our client and the parents of the student, and made a solemn statement by issuing a Letter of Demand in chat group, school forum and other online media to warn the infringer and others to stop infringing the Right of Reputation of our client and stop releasing false words that maliciously slander and smear our client, and also request them to make an apology and a clarification to our client for the untrue words. Otherwise, Landing Lawyers will take all necessary measures including civil and criminal proceedings to investigate the legal responsibility of the infringing party under our client’s instructions.

Finally, under constant communications and firm warning of Landing Lawyers, the parent of the student who smeared the school reached a settlement with our client under the auspices of the mediator sent by our client, and stopped infringement.

Landing Lawyers guarded legitimate rights of our client through untiring efforts and professional services, avoided sharper conflicts and more tense situations between the parties, which not only reflected the Chinese traditional legal culture of so-called “No-lawsuit”, but also matched the purpose of alternative dispute resolution shared by Landing Lawyers.



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