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Larry Zhou Assisted a Romanian Company to Solve Dispute with a Chinese Supplier through Negotiation

Lawyer Larry Zhou assists a Romanian company to avoid losses caused by receiving substandard goods through negotiation with the Chinese supplier

In international trade, it is common that the quality of goods procured from suppliers is unqualified or does not meet the standards stipulated in the contract. In such circumstances, it is important to defend our rights and avoid or minimize our losses.

Recently, lawyer Larry Zhou and his team at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office were instructed by a Romanian company to handle a dispute between them and a Ningbo-based supplier regarding non-conforming goods. The Romanian client purchased a machine from the Ningbo-based supplier. However, a part of the machine delivered by the supplier, the die head, was broken and the machine was not functioning properly. Therefore, the client asked for a new die head in good condition.

The Chinese supplier refused to accept the Romanian client's request at first. Lawyer Larry Zhou made several communications with the supplier, indicating that Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office will issue them a formal attorney letter and will file a civil suit against them if they disagreed with the Romanian client's request. After several conversations, the supplier agreed to deliver a new die head to the Romanian client.

Lawyer Larry Zhou and his team drafted a reconciliation agreement for the Romanian client and the supplier to sign and seal. It was agreed that the supplier had to re-deliver the die head within the agreed period, and they would be responsible for the shipping costs. And lawyer Larry Zhou asked the supplier to send him the videos and photos of the die head before shipment. Not until lawyer Larry Zhou has the client confirm the die head meets the requirements, that it can be shipped.

In the end, the supplier delivered a new complete die head to the Romanian client as promised, and lawyer Larry Zhou successfully assisted the Romanian client in resolving the dispute.



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