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Larry Zhou Successfully Assisted a Congolese Buyer Smoothly to Achieve Machine Withheld by Seller

In April 2022, a Congolese company bought machinery from a supplier in Shanghai, China. There have been previous transactions between the Congolese buyer and the Chinese supplier. And in the last transaction, the Shanghai supplier agreed to deduct part of the payment for the machines in this transaction. However, when the Congolese buyer made a partial payment for this transaction, the Chinese supplier reneged on the previous commitment and refused to deduct the payment, insisting that it would not ship the goods until the Congolese buyer paid the full amount for the goods. In desperation, the Congolese buyer approached our senior partner and lawyer Larry Zhou and his legal team at Landing Law (Shenzhen) Office for assistance.

After accepting the case, Larry Zhou and associate Maggie Tang, taking responsibility for the case, immediately investigated the Shanghai supplier, conducted information gathering and guided the Congolese client to sort out and provide evidence. Then our lawyers sent the demand letter to the Shanghai supplier. After the Shanghai supplier received the demand letter, lawyer Larry Zhou called the responsible person of the Shanghai supplier several times for communication and negotiation.

Finally, after the efforts and repeated communications of Larry Zhou and Maggie Tang, the Congolese buyer and the Shanghai seller decided to resolve the dispute peacefully. After the Congolese buyer appointed a third party to inspect the machinery, the Shanghai seller delivered the machinery as scheduled and the Congolese buyer successfully received the machinery.

Thanks to the efforts of our lawyers, the Congolese client avoided the double risk of not receiving the goods and not receiving payment for the goods. As a result, the Congolese client is very satisfied with the legal services provided by our lawyers.



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