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Larry Zhou Successfully Represented a Singaporean Company in a Medical Product Purchase Lawsuit

Attorney Larry Zhou and Abby Wang Successfully Represented a Singaporean Company in a Medical Product Purchase Dispute against a Chinese Trading Company.

The Singaporean company purchased medical products from a Shenzhen trading company. After paying the full payment, Shenzhen trading company refused to deliver the goods to Singaporean company because of its own supplier's breach of contract, and refused to pay any compensation.

Shenzhen trading company insisted that it signed the agreement and made the payment with the supplier company as the agent of Singaporean company. Therefore, Singaporean company should directly contacted and filed a lawsuit against the supplier company. But the supplier company was a fake company, which had disappeared and had no property in this case.

The Singaporean company contacted Landing Lawyers. After accepting the engagement, Landing lawyers carefully analyzed the evidence and submitted Attorney Opinion Letter to prove that the purchase agreement between the Singapore company and the Shenzhen trading company instead of an agency agreement. Finally, the court adopted Landing lawyers’ opinion and ordered that Shenzhen trading company should pay compensation including but not limited refund and the loss of available benefits etc. The dispute has been settled satisfactorily.



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