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Larry Zhou Successfully Represented an Indonesian Company to Recover Payment from a Chinese Buyer

In 2021, an Indonesian company sold Chinese herbal medicines to a Chinese buyer with the agreement that the Chinese buyer should make the balance payment for the goods upon their arrival at the destination port. However, after the goods arrived at the agreed destination port in China, the Chinese buyer delayed to pick up the goods from the Chinese Customs and did not pay the balance. After repeated reminders of the Indonesian company, the Chinese buyer still failed to take any action. The Indonesian company then approached the Landing lawyer Larry Zhou and associate Maggie Tang for legal assistance.


After the engagement, our lawyers thoroughly reviewed the transaction documents between the Indonesian client and the Chinese buyer, and helped the Indonesian company to understand the updates of the goods from the Chinese Customs in a timely manner. In the meantime, our lawyers offered instruction to the Indonesian company collecting and providing evidence. Later, our lawyers called the Chinese buyer by phone for many times to urge them to pay the balance. However, the Chinese buyer delayed the payment, arguing that there were quality problems with the goods.

Our lawyers responded to their arguments with reasons. First, according to the applicable law, the Chinese buyer shall provide sufficient evidence to support their claim of quality problem; Second, as agreed in the contract, once the goods arrived at the destination port, the Chinese buyer should pay the balance. In this way, the Chinese buyer has breached the contract and the Indonesian seller is entitled to get full compensation from the Chinese buyer.

Eventually, under continuous and multiple pressure from our lawyers, the Chinese buyer made the balance payment to the Indonesian company proactively. With the efforts and professional services of lawyer Larry Zhou and his team, this cross-border collection dispute was successfully resolved.



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