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Lawyer Avon Conducted Due Diligence on Chinese Supplier for South African Company and Issued Report

A South African company, aiming to import steel products from China, sought to avoid falling victim to trade fraud and reduce the risk of disputes. As a result, the South African enterprise turned to Larry Zhou’s legal team at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office to entrust the lawyers to investigate and verify the information of the designated Chinese supplier before making a purchase.

Cape Town, South Africa

Our legal team assigned Lawyer Avon Zhao and Intern Lawyer Jeremy Hu to handle the project. In addition to the daily operations of the Chinese supplier, whether it has been penalized or involved in litigation, and the basic situation of supply and transactions, the South African company specifically requested to verify the situation of the Chinese company's associates, including their shareholding, positions, and whether there are any illegal or litigation-related issues.

After a comprehensive investigation and careful verification by our lawyers, the investigation results were organized into a legal memorandum and provided to the client, completing all the investigation items as requested by the client. After the completion of the legal service work, the client expressed satisfaction with the professionalism and efficiency of the legal team.


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