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Lawyer Avon Successfully Represented Fiji Buyer Get Goods Delayed by Chinese Seller for Months

In July 2023, a Fijian company place an order with a Chinese supplier for the purchase of chemical products. After the Fijian buyer made the full payment as stipulated in the contract, the Chinese supplier refused to fulfill the agreement and unilaterally raised the price, threatening not to deliver the goods otherwise. Since repeated communications with the Chinese supplier proved fruitless, the Fijian company sought assistance from Larry Zhou’s legal team at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office. Upon accepting the client's commission, we assigned Lawyer Avon Zhao and Intern Lawyer Bryan Zhang to handle this dispute.

Once we officially started our work, our lawyers, with a responsible attitude towards the case, immediately conducted an investigation on the Chinese supplier and collected information, guiding the Fijian company to organize and provide evidence. Our lawyers drafted a lawyer's letter with great efficiency and issued it to the Chinese supplier. They made multiple attempts to contact the person in charge, actively communicating and negotiating, thereby re-establishing communication channels between the two parties after the Chinese supplier had disappeared and refused to respond to any information from the Fijian client for several months.

Despite the investigation revealing that the Chinese supplier was no longer operating at its registered address and had multiple records of breaching contracts, even being listed on a supplier blacklist, our lawyers, through multiple rounds of communication and exerting pressure, ultimately facilitated a settlement between the Fijian buyer and the Chinese seller, and a settlement agreement was signed. The Fijian company also successfully received the goods, resolved the dispute, and saved the costs of potential litigation.

The smooth resolution of this international sale of goods dispute was inseparable from the diligent work and extensive experience of our lawyers. The Fijian client is very satisfied with the proactive, professional, and patient work of the Landing legal team.


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