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Abby Wang Represented a HK Client in Winning a Lawsuit on the Validity of the Arbitration Agreement

A Hong Kong resident invested in a Japanese company which is engaged in the general passenger auto transportation business. The HK client lent a loan to the shareholders of this Japanese company. Because the shareholders violated the loan agreement, the client entrusted lawyer Larry Zhou and lawyer Abby Wang of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office to sue the shareholders and demanded repayment of the loan.

Because the parties have already agreed on a valid arbitration clause in writing, our lawyers applied for arbitration to an international arbitration court on behalf of the client.

However, after the Court of Arbitration formally accepted the case, one of the opposing parties, in order to delay time and waste judicial resources, deliberately filed a lawsuit with the court to apply for the invalidation of the arbitration agreement.

After receiving the notice from the court, our lawyers efficiently prepared written defense materials and provide evidence materials based on the law and facts, and participate in the court-organized trial. During the trial, our lawyers were fully prepared and the statement was well-founded.

Shortly after the trial, the court ruled that the plaintiff's lawsuit was dismissed, and we could continue the arbitration. In this regard, our client is very satisfied with the legal services provided by our lawyers.



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