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Attorney Avon Successfully Resolved Mauritius Company's Contract Dispute with Shandong Supplier

A Mauritius company and a Chinese enterprise in Shandong signed a sales contract for the purchase of a batch of lead plates, totaling nearly USD 30,000. The Mauritius company promptly made the full payment, but the Shandong supplier failed to deliver within the agreed ten days, providing various unreasonable excuses and refusing shipment. The Mauritius company ever sought assistance from the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius, but to no avail.

In August of 2023, the Mauritius company engaged the legal team led by Larry Zhou at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office. After consultations and discussions with Larry’s team, the client appreciated our team's professional attitude and extensive experience, choosing to entrust us with the case, represented by attorney Avon Zhao and intern attorney Jeremy Hu.

Attorney Avon Successfully Resolved Mauritius Company's Contract Dispute with Shandong Supplier

Upon formal engagement, our legal team quickly drafted a lawyer's letter and promptly delivered it to the Shandong company, initiating communication with their management. Initially, the counter-party was only willing to refund 10% of the total amount. Considering the high litigation costs relative to the dispute amount, and aiming to maintain ongoing negotiations, our lawyers applied pressure strategically, gradually increasing their repayment amount.

After several rounds of negotiation, the counter-party agreed to refund the majority of the payment, and the Mauritius client ultimately accepted the settlement amount. Compared to the lengthy and costly litigation process, this outcome proved to be the most cost-effective for the client.

To prevent the counter-party from reneging on the agreement, our lawyers actively facilitated the signing of an agreement and assisted in resolving issues related to the currency and recipient of the refunded amount.

The Landing legal team efficiently and swiftly resolved the dispute for the Mauritius client. The client expressed great satisfaction with the efficiency and results of Landing Law Office's work, indicating the intention to engage our legal services for future contract drafting and review matters.


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