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Landing Lawyers Assisted a Foreign Client in Obtaining Compensation on a Family House

Landing Lawyers Assisted a Foreign Client in Obtaining Compensation for the Demolition of Ancestral House in China

Since 2003, a community residents committee in Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as the “residents committee”) has requisitioned old houses on villagers’ land in the form of contracted land acquisition. The villagers have 2 choices, one is demolition compensation, and the other is to replace old houses with new ones. At the end of 2020, the construction of new houses were finished and new houses were ready to be delivered. The residents committee notified the property owners in the form of newspaper notices.

Our client is the party of the case. The mother of our client is the owner of the old real estate and she authorized the cousin of the client to negotiate with relevant agencies on compensation for her old house. Affected by the epidemic of COVID-19, the client is in the UK and she has little contact with her relatives in the mainland China. Meanwhile, she did not know about the delivery of the new house. It was not until the client’s cousin asked the client and other heirs of her mother to jointly issue a Declaration of Abandonment of Property Inheritance, and the client learned that her cousin pretended to be the property owner of the old house and applied for new house registration to the joint-stock cooperative company responsible for the demolition and replacement of the old house.

After accepting the client’s entrustment, our lawyers listened to the client’s statements and actively communicated with multiple parties by calling the residents committee, the joint-stock cooperative company and other responsible persons for many times. Our lawyers also conducted on-site investigations and interviewed with the responsible persons. Besides, our lawyers endeavored to claim the rights of the client. After their continuing communication with other parties in this case, the counterpart agreed to reconcile with the client and offered to pay the client a certain amount of compensation for the acquisition of the new house.

In this case, after accepting the client’s entrustment, our lawyers fully understood and actively investigated the case, and carefully verified relevant materials. Our lawyers visited and conducted investigations on the spot in person. In the process of communicating with the residents committee and the joint-stock cooperative company, our lawyers strove for reasons with the attitude of being neither humble nor overbearing, strove to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client and sought the best interests for the client. In the end, the counterpart was willing to compensate the client to a certain extent. And the client was also very satisfied with the result. They eventually agreed to form a settlement agreement and settle the dispute amicably.

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