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Attorneys Linda and Larry Resolved Contract Dispute for Ivorian Client, Recovered Losses

Attorneys Linda and Larry Resolved Contract Dispute for Ivorian Client, Recovered Losses

In 2022, a client from Côte d'Ivoire made a product purchase from a Chinese company in Tianjin. The Chinese company signed the contract using its offshore company registered in the Marshall Islands, directing the foreign client to make the payment to the bank account of the Marshall Islands entity. The agreed method of dispute resolution was arbitration. Upon receiving the goods, the client discovered that the weight did not meet the contractual standards. Despite multiple communications, the counter-party refused to compensate for the price difference.

Frustrated, the Ivorian client sought the assistance of attorneys Larry Zhou and Linda Wu from Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office. Upon receiving the mandate, our attorneys promptly initiated investigations into the other party's information, gathered relevant documents, guided the client in strengthening their evidence, and issued the lawyer's letters to the opposing parties. 

Upon receipt of the letter, our attorneys immediately initiated communication with the other party.

Initially, the other party pledged to provide a discount on future orders and was willing to offer compensation of only $50,000. Considering the potential for reconciliation, our attorneys chose to continue negotiating and communicating with the other party. Simultaneously, our attorneys analyzed the pros and cons of the case for the client, considering the agreed arbitration process. If no settlement was reached, the client would have to resort to arbitration.

However, drawing from our experience in handling numerous cases, the use of a company registered in the Marshall Islands by the other party posed challenges in tracing assets. Even if the litigation took place in mainland China, the execution phase could be uncertain regarding the successful enforcement of the other party's assets. From an economic perspective, we also analyzed the costs and potential returns for the client. Ultimately, the client heeded our advice and opted for a settlement.

Over several months of continuous follow-up by our attorneys, maintaining the negotiation without a breakdown, and numerous contacts with the other party, an agreement was reached for direct monetary compensation to the client. Given the circumstances of the case, our attorneys provided recommendations on the manner in which the client should receive the compensation.

Through the intervention of Landing lawyers, the client was able to recover substantial losses.



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