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Larry Assisted a Japanese Company in Optimizing its Trilingual Agreements with Chinese Supplier

A Japanese company approached the team led by lawyer Larry Zhou at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office. The client wanted the lawyers to review and improve its purchase agreements with former Chinese suppliers based on Chinese laws and regulations.


After accepting the client's engagement, our legal team first assisted the client in drafting an English version of the purchase agreement, including the payment terms for each payment, the standard procedures for inspection of the goods before final payment is made, and the legal consequences if the goods do not meet the standards or are not delivered on time.

At the same time, based on the English version of the purchase agreement, the Chinese and Japanese versions of the purchase agreement were drafted with the assistance of our lawyers for use by the client in various situations, thus facilitating the smooth running of the Japanese company's business activities.


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20 oct 2023

We, Abila of Asia company in Sri Lanka sent a mail by our mail address

Please let us know whether the email letter were sent to your email address or not.

Francisco Silva

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