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Larry Zhou Successfully Represented a Tech Start-up in its Equity Financing Deal

Shanghai Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office successfully assisted a Chinese technology company to obtain investment from two top venture capital institutions.

In April 2021, one client of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Firm, after receiving the investment intent letters from two top investment institutions, entrusted the partner Shichao Zhou and his team of Landing (Shenzhen) to assist in completing the financing.

After accepting the client’s entrustment, Lawyer Zhou assisted the client to analyze and sort out the whole financing structure, to solve the issue of the currency used for investment, to conduct multiple rounds of effective negotiations with two investment institutions on the content of the investment agreements, to close the investment deal, and guide the client to complete all the prerequisites for the investment. Eventually, with the legal assistance, the client successfully achive the financing.

In this transaction, in the face of the relatively strict investment terms of the two investors, Landing’s lawyer assisted the company’s founder to clearly understand the risks behind the terms and teach the negotiation strategies, and finally assisted to reach a plan acceptable to the company and investors.

It is better to reach a plan acceptable to all parties.



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Aug 26, 2022


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