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Lawyer Avon Successfully Resolved Canadian Company's Dispute with Chinese Factory, Recovered Payment

A Canadian company with decades of experience in the semiconductor industry embarked on a partnership with a Hong Kong-based enterprise since 2021. The agreement stipulated the purchase of specific ICs models from a designated supplier, each with a unique identification number. While the counter-party was registered in Hong Kong and received payments through their account in Hong Kong, its actual operations and the true shipping location were both situated in mainland China. There was an associated company in Shenzhen, China, with matching personnel and branding.

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After the Canadian company made the full payment, the Hong Kong company not only delayed delivery but also provided counterfeit ICs that were unusable. Despite multiple attempts at communication by the Canadian company, the counter-party refused to respond or engage.

In light of this situation, the Canadian company reached out to the legal team led by Lawyer Larry Zhou at Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office. They entrusted Lawyer Avon to represent them in issuing a lawyer's letter to the counter-party and engaging in negotiations. Upon accepting the mandate, our legal team first identified the various entities involved in the case and conducted investigations into their operational addresses, shareholders, and contact information. Subsequently, our lawyer drafted the lawyer's letter and served it to the counter-party and affiliated company. Upon receiving the lawyer's letter, our lawyer, armed with the information collected earlier, initiated contact and negotiations with the counter-party.

Following negotiations, the counter-party agreed to resend the goods. Our lawyers guided the Canadian company in preparing for the receipt of the goods and preserving evidence. Unfortunately, the newly delivered goods were still found to be substandard.

After three failed attempts, the Canadian company decided to terminate its cooperation with the counter-party and demanded a full refund. Based on the latest requirements of the parties involved, our lawyer took new legal action, drafted letters to relevant authorities in accordance with Hong Kong laws, and issued a warning to the counter-party. Ultimately, under pressure, the counter-party promptly refunded the entire amount to the Canadian company in a lump sum.

From the moment the Canadian client entrusted our lawyers to the successful recovery of the full payment, the process took less than three months. Our lawyers provided efficient and high-quality legal services, leveraging their extensive experience and legal knowledge. The Canadian client expressed great satisfaction with the legal services provided by Landing Lawyers.



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