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Lawyer Larry Facilitated UK Client's Smooth Business Deal with Chinese Company

In 2023, a UK Company Successfully Imported Rubber Products from China with Legal Support from Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office.

Facilitated UK Client's Smooth Business Deal with Chinese Company

This UK-based enterprise, venturing into importing rubber products from China for the first time, sought the assistance of the legal team of Landing (Shenzhen) Law Office, led by Senior Partner Larry Zhou, to ensure a seamless and risk-free international transaction.

The UK client's request was simple yet critical: to receive professional legal guidance from a Chinese law expert. They needed assistance with negotiating commercial terms with their Zhejiang-based supplier, drafting business agreements, and overseeing the entire procurement process.

Upon receiving the client's mandate, Attorney Larry and his legal team embarked on a thorough understanding of the client's procurement needs and the transaction's background. They verified the legal status and creditworthiness of the Chinese supplier. Striking a balance between the client's requirements and safeguarding their interests, Attorney Larry's team meticulously drafted a comprehensive purchase agreement. This agreement covered various aspects, including aligning the signing party and payee, seller commitments, required documentation, quality specifications, delivery schedules, breach liabilities, dispute resolution, and compliance with Chinese legal regulations.

Ultimately, after multiple rounds of negotiations, the UK enterprise and the Chinese supplier reached an agreement on the contract terms. The client successfully signed the deal, completing their procurement objectives. Additionally, Attorney Larry's team facilitated product quality testing by collaborating with a reputable laboratory. The client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the legal services provided by Attorney Larry and his team.


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