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Lawyer Larry Zhou Settled Dispute on Behalf of a Dutch Company, Avoiding leak of Commercial Secret

Lawyer Larry Zhou settled dispute on behalf of a Dutch trading company, avoiding leak of commercial secret

Under the current COVID-19 pandemic, the prices for medical products show large fluctuations, and freight costs increase dramatically.

Our Dutch client signed a contract for the supply of masks with a supplier in Qingdao and made the payment. At the time the supplier shipped the goods, there was a sudden increase in freight costs. The supplier demanded our client to supplement the gap in freight costs, and threatened our client by spreading our client’s trading information.

Based on the circumstances above, we sent a letter of demand to the supplier and firmly declared our position: insisting for the performance of obligations under the contract by the supplier, and the non-disclosure of our client’s trading information to third parties.

Through multiple rounds of communications, the supplier revoked their request for our client to supplement the gap in freight costs, and refrained from spreading our client’s trading information.



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